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Beach & Coast

Beach & Coast

Beach & Coast

Beaches and coasts, especially along travel resorts and tourist destinations, often have lots of swimmers in peak seasons or even all year long. Lifeguards sitting on watch towers have to be vigilant to swimmers who may face random incidents. Often times safety crew on the beaches are faced with a shortage of personnel and equipment. In essential, equipment that are quick to deploy, increase the work efficiency and reduce the risks for lifeguards are mostly in need. 


With the lifesaving buoy-Hover Ark H3, they no longer have to jump into the water to do the work. If the victims appeared to be unresponsive, or too exhaustive to hold on to the H3, the lifeguard can choose to ride on the Orca H9, our lifesaving watercraft which can carry the victim back with a life ring attached to the watercraft.

What are the possible things to use in water rescue?

When many people is in the swimming or go into the water to rescue, they will first consider their own ability in swimming, but ignore the list of water rescue equipment. Of course, when encountering people in the water as soon as possible to implement rescue is certainly quite correct, but blindly into the water or think they have excellent ability in swimming without wearing any water rescue equipment, which will often play a counterproductive effect. It's even better if we have a bench lifeguard equipment, such as a rescue watercraft, than if you go in, no matter how good you are at swimming.

Even as a professional rescuer, he will not be confident enough to directly go into the water to save people, because there are many unknown conditions in the water. Besides, there are many other limitations, such as our physical strength, the rescuer's cooperation in panic, foreign bodies in the water, etc. Do not build confidence on life.

What rescue equipment do lifeguards use?

Water rescue is a rescue project with strong emergency, tight time, high technical requirements, high risk factor, and higher requirements for rescue equipment. The most common equipment used by lifeguards in rescue situations are: rigid torpedo buoys, soft torpedo buoys, rescue craft (malibu boards), paddle skis, box line, throw line and spinal boards.


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