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Dock & Bay

Dock & Bay

Dock & Bay

Marinas, docks, and ports are places where drownings may happen in higher frequencies. Traditionally life buoys (life rings) are placed at intervals for use during emergencies. However, victims may not be able to swim or have the strength left to swim over and grasp the buoys. Life buoys can even move away from the victims as pushed by the water flow.

The Hover Ark H3 lifesaving buoy can be great tools to overcome the limitations of traditional water safety devices, and be placed along river banks and docks in cabinets (smart cabinet and pole system) accessible to the general public. Havospark has developed multi-function smart cabinet & pole system that can store water safety devices, including the H3, life rings, PFD, and other regular equipment, which is freely accessible to passers by if they find people in distress in nearby waters.

What is the safety precautions used in docks?

The dock shall be equipped with necessary dock safety equipment.

Take precautions to prevent falls.

Stay away from loading dock edges.

Wear sturdy shoes with non-slipping sole.

Watch where you are going.


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