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Wearable Rescue Series
Lifesaving Bracelet
Lifesaving Armbands
Lifesaving Belt
Lifesaving Vest
Lifesaving Backpack
Lifesaving float
Lifesaving swimsuit
Flying Car H1
Aquajet Dive H2
Hover Ark H3
Hover Foil H5

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H1 Flying car | AQUAJET DIVE - BLACK | AQUAJET DIVE - WHITE | AQUAJET DIVE - BLUE | H3 HOVER ARK | H5 HOVER FOIL | speed floating bracelet | lifeguard arm ring | lifeguard belt | lifeguard vest | lifeguard backpack | swimming float |

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Company News

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HOVERSTAR Micro personal vehicle ( MAV ) was unveiled at INTERNATIONAL DRONE EXPO (IDE2016) of Los Angeles | Shenzhen Business People Visited Our Company | HOVERSTAR signed cooperative agreement with Dalian University Of Technology | Videos of AQUAJET DIVE | SHENZHEN INTERNATIONAL DIVE & WATERSPORTS EXPO | Hoverstar Participated in DEMA Show 2017 | Aquajet Dive H2 Won The DRT Best Design Award | ADEX, Asia Dive Expo, Singapore Is Coming |