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About Us

Shenzhen Hoverstar Flight Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in 2016,which is committed to R&D ,production and marketing of water sports equipments and innovative manned miniature flying vehicle. 
The main products of HOVERSTAR are H1-Flying car, H2-AquaJet Dive series and H3-Water Rescue Craft series.
HOVERSTAR is the innovative leading technology company which has a group of outstanding and high spirited professional talent team. The soul of the company is innovation. The company has H1 flying car and H2 AquaJet Dive, which is the first products of originality with full intellectual property rights. In less than 1 year, HOVERSTAR has obtained more than 20 invention patents. In order to maintain the innovation and vitality, HOVERSTAR holds “Hoverstar Cup’’ Creative Design Contest at domestic famous universities and will promote the contest at more universities in China.

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